Diving Deep with Dan Johnson of Nine Finger Chronicles

July 17, 2018

Nine Finger Chronicles mastermind Dan Johnson joins the show for an in depth conversation on roots, and his meteoric rise in the podcast realm.  


Breaking it down with Dylan Lenz of The Breaking Point

July 6, 2018

Dave and JP were able to get a few minutes with Dylan Lenz, one of the production masterminds behind 'The Breaking Point' 


Diving Deep with Mark Drury

June 21, 2018

Pro Talk Outdoors snagged a few minutes with Mark Drury to Dive Deep into the idea of Hunter Recruitment.  Check it out!


It’s Just Science!

June 7, 2018

Dr. Aaron Gaines, renowned mind in the Whitetail science and biology world, joins the show again this season to talk about the advancement in minerals the past year, as well as his role in assisting legislative change in the state of Illinois.  Catch it all!


Diving Deep: Roundtable Intro with Teammate Todd Harbin

May 24, 2018

We got together for a round table discussion in our latest edition of spinoff - Diving Deep.  This time, we intro the last of our team to hit the podcast...Todd Harbin.  


Diving Deep with M.R. James

April 27, 2018

Our new subseries diving deep latched on to a great opportunity when they sat down with M.R. James of Bowhunter Magazine for some seriously detailed conversations.  Check it out!


Women Hunt Too!

April 17, 2018

Dawn Freeland of Women Hunt Too joins the show to talk about the roots of her movement to get women in the outdoors, as well as some and uncomfortable positions she found herself in when the journey had just begun.  


Diving Deep with teammate Wyatt Rivers

April 10, 2018

Introducing teammate Wyatt Rivers to the podcast fold, how he got his passion for the outdoors, and where he believes it can take him.


Gobble Up Merriams with Brennen Nading

March 27, 2018

Brennen Nading of 'The Breaking Point' talks Merriam Turkey, and how to make the most of a spring trip in the midwest.


Spurring on the Drive!

March 16, 2018

Bonehead Brand and Spur Co-Creator Mike Chambliss shares how he gets his inspiration for artwork that he has parlayed into a very successful outdoor apparel brand.  He also dives into some turkey tactics with the boys, and what he expects to come this spring.


Wild about Turkey Conservation!

March 6, 2018

National Wild Turkey Federation's own Pete Muller joins the show to talk about the long journey of wild Turkey in the United States, and how there is still plenty more that can be done to ensure the health of species for generations to come. 


Get the Most out of your Wild Game Meat

February 23, 2018

Jeremiah Doughty, creator of 'From Field to Plate' joins Dave Barrett and Johnny Pace this week to spend time talking about how hunters can get the most meat out of their harvest, regardless of experience.  He also dives in on where to find good information on making various cuts when you process.  A must listen for any wild game meat junkie!


Conservation and Your Inner Outdoorsman

February 16, 2018

John 'Utah' Mulligan of Arrow Wild TV joins the show to talk about his Kentucky roots, and passion for conservation.  JP and Dave dive into the difference in conservation and outdoor mindset throughout the U.S., and we can all do our part to take a step forward.


Inside Heartland Bowhunter

February 10, 2018

Michael Hunsucker of one of the Outdoors most unique, and innovative shows, Heartland Bowhunter, joins PTO.  Michael has an attention to detail that helped carry his show to an elite level. 


Low Intrusion Shed Hunting with Eric Hale

February 1, 2018

Red Rising's Eric Hale joins the show to talk about low impact shed hunting, and post season scouting.  He discusses with the boys just how important offseason details can be.  PLUS!...JP and Dave make a big announcement at the end of the show, one that could save YOU some cash.  


Hog Wild with Mark Land

January 21, 2018

Hog Hunting extraordinaire and Feradyne Pro Staff Director Mark Land joins Dave and JP to discuss Muzzy and Nockturnal at the ATA show, as well as wintertime hog hunting tactics in the South.  Plenty of good info for guys like JP who are headed to Georgia for a hunt, or anybody curious as to how they can get started.  


Nashville’s Rising Star

January 10, 2018

Rising star in the Nashville music scene, Kenton Bryant, joins the show to talk chasing his music career, the outdoors, and old times in Bowling Green he and host Johnny Pace shared.  Get a whole new side to this budding artist on Pro Talk Outdoors!


How To: Film Your Hunts (with Steve Shields)

December 19, 2017

Acclaimed videographer and editor Steve Shields joins the show to discuss how everyday hunters can get started filming their outdoor adventures in an affordable, and efficient fashion.  One of the most 'how to' episodes to date!


When You Need A Dog for Your Deer

December 7, 2017

Acclaimed regional dog tracker Ron Slifer spends some time explaining the basics of blood tracking, and some do's and don'ts if you feel you may need one to help you find your deer.  A very useful episode for any hunter that's been on or around a tough track, or questionable shot.  Tune in!


Mad Max, Bruce Willis, and Two Kentucky Bucks

December 1, 2017

The boys catch the world up to speed on the last few weeks of deer season, which included a couple of tags filled in the Bluegrass, heartbreak, and one joyous moment in Indiana.